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The Services I offer

Training & Support

With over 10 years experience in professional IT support and technical training I do everything from deploy servers and fix computers to train users on how to use an application.


I enjoy creating new things, researching new technologies, and applying my skill sets in fun and innovative ways. With a background in Computer Science I am not limited to a single programming language or framework.

Digital Security & Forensics

I have experience in digital cryptography, cyber security, networking, static and dynamic analysis and various penetration testing techniques.

Japanese Translation

I also have a degree in Japanese Studies and have studied in Japan for 3 years. I enjoy speaking Japanese as well as doing fansub translations of some of my favorite shows.

Hello, I am Travis Payton...

I'm a computer scientist living in Fairbanks, Alaska. I have worked with companies like Lucasfilm LTD and the University of Alaska and am currently working as a Systems Engineer at the University of Alaska.
Creating is not just a job for me, it's a passion.

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B.A. Japanese Studies


B.S. Computer Science


M.S. Computer Science


Mathematics Minor

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Travis Payton
303 Tanana Drive
237 Bunnel
Fairbanks, AK(Alaska) 99775-7700
(907) 474 - 2621

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